SOLD in 9 days for the FULL Listing Price

I was introduced to Brian through an open house he was having for one of his clients. My wife and I were just looking around at the time, but gave him our information. Brian stayed in touch through his new letter, which was very professional and not the typical annoying spam. Fast forward 9 months later, we decided that we wanted to purchase a new home and reached out to Brian to get an idea of what the whole process of selling and purchasing a brand new home would look like. Brian quickly showed us he was the guy for the job and impressed us with his knowledge, professionalism, and friendly positive attitude. He absolutely made everything easy for us from deciding what to list our home for, when to put it on the market and layed out all the expectations. To our surprise, we sold our home in 9 days and got full listing price plus having the buyers pay closing costs! This is all with a snow storm that crippled the area for 4 out of those 9 days as well!

April 17, 2014

— Andrew